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Peter Hyman is an American journalist, author and humorist. He is the author of The Reluctant Metrosexual: Dispatches from an Almost Hip Life (ISBN 0-8129-7163-9), published in August 2004. A former Vanity Fair staffer and senior editor at various men's publications, he has written feature articles, critical reviews and humor pieces for The New York Times, the New York Observer, Details, Spin, Radar, the San Francisco Chronicle and various others. His work has been collected in a number of anthologies, including The Best American Essays 2010 and Bar Mitzvah Disco. In addition to his work as a writer he is the host and producer of New York States of Mind, a monthly talk show series sponsored by the 92nd Street Y, in New York City. He is also active on the comedy and humor reading circuit in lower Manhattan.

In January 2006, he published an article in Spin magazine, which broke the news regarding the cause of death of comedian Mitch Hedberg.

Hyman is a graduate of the University of Michigan and New York University, where he earned a master's degree in journalism. He resides in Brooklyn.

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