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Arms of Wyche: Azure, a pile ermine

Sir Peter Wyche (1593? – 1643 in Oxford) was a London merchant and English Ambassador to the Ottoman Empire from 1627–1641.


Sir Peter was the sixth son of Richard Wyche (merchant) (1554–1621) and Elizabeth Saltonstall, daughter of Sir Richard Saltonstall (1517–1600), Lord Mayor of London.

He was knighted by King Charles I on 16 December 1626, having received instructions from the King on 18 November, after his personal nomination. Ambassador arrived at Constantinople on 10 April 1628, remained at that post until he returned to England in May 1639. Sir Peter secured a reduction of duty on English cloth. His wife astonished the Sultana by making a visit to the Sultan's harem.[1] While in Constantinople he gave lodgings to the scholar and traveller Edward Pococke. From December 1637 to August 1640, Pococke resided at the British embassy, where he acted as temporary chaplain to Sir Peter Wyche.[2]

In 1641 he became Privy Counsellor and Comptroller of the King's Household. He was a signer of the King's Declaration of Abhorrence at the idea of making war upon his Parliament. His descendant, Sir Cyril Wyche, reported that Peter lent Charles I £30,000.

He did not live to see the outcome of the English Civil War, dying at Oxford where he was buried on 7 December 1643, in Christ Church Cathedral, Oxford, England. Peter was buried in the south aisle of the Cathedral, where a splendid monument was erected to his memory.[3]


Sir Peter married Jane Meredith (died 1660) daughter of Sir William Meredith, on 17 Apr 1627 in Hanworth Church, Middlesex, England. Right Honorable Sir Peter Wyche and Lady Jane had the following children:[4]

  • Sir Peter Wyche (diplomat).
  • Sir Cyril Wyche who was born in Constantinople and went on to become a member of parliament and President of the Royal Society.
  • Tuscarene Wyche died before Nov 1656 in Aleppo, Syria. His mother was granted administration of his estate in November 1656.
  • William Wyche died before 1660 in England. He died unmarried.
  • Jane Wyche married John Granville, 1st Earl of Bath (29 Aug 1628 – 22 Aug 1701).
  • Shellet Wyche died young.
  • Sophia Wyche died young.

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