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Suburban settlement
Petrovčić is located in Serbia
Coordinates: 44°47′36″N 20°08′40″E / 44.79333°N 20.14444°E / 44.79333; 20.14444
Country  Serbia
Population (2011)
 • Total 1,394
Time zone CET (UTC+1)
 • Summer (DST) CEST (UTC+2)
Historical population
Year Pop. ±%
1948 751 —    
1953 811 +8.0%
1961 846 +4.3%
1971 890 +5.2%
1981 956 +7.4%
1991 1,117 +16.8%
2002 1,406 +25.9%
2011 1,394 −0.9%
Source: [1]

Petrovčić (Serbian Cyrillic: Петровчић) is a suburban settlement of Belgrade, the capital of Serbia. It is located in Belgrade's municipality of Surčin.


Petrovčić is the westernmost settlement in the municipality, located right next to the administrative border which divides Central Serbia and the province of Vojvodina. It is located in the Syrmia region (north of the Bojčinska woods), west of the village of Bečmen, almost 30 kilometers west of downtown Belgrade and 12 kilometers west of its municipal seat, Surčin.

The road which connects Petrovčić to Surčin (through Bečmen) on the east, continues into the Vojvodina on the west, to the village of Karlovčić. A crossroad of this road and the one opposite to it (north to south, Deč-Ašanja) is just west of Petrovčić.


Like majority of the settlements in the municipality, Petrovčić experienced steady population growth for decades, especially from the 1990s, almost 26% between the censuses of 1991 (1,117 inhabitanst) and 2002 (1,406), but it depopulated by the 2011 census to 1,394. Major ethnic groups are the Serbs (1,261 or 89,69%), Romani (73 or 5,19%), Montenegrins and Gorani (17 each or 1,21%). people


The settlement is statistically classified as a rural one (village). It has a junior grades elementary school and a poetry festival “Stihovi pod vedrim nebom” (Verses uinder the open skies).[2]


Urban agriculture is today predominant, including breeding of the mangalica pigs. Previously, the village was known for the cultivation of the mulberry trees.[2]


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Coordinates: 44°47′36″N 20°08′40″E / 44.79333°N 20.14444°E / 44.79333; 20.14444