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Phạm is the fourth most common Vietnamese family name.


Phạm is the Sino-Vietnamese reading of the Chinese character .[1] The same character is used to write the Chinese surname Fan and the Korean surname Beom (). As with other East Asian surnames derived from Chinese, it does not necessarily imply familial relations with those sharing the same surname.


Although Phạm is not as common a surname among Vietnamese populations as Nguyễn, it remains prevalent. Among the global ethnic Vietnamese population, it is the 5th most common name accounting for 5% of the total 75 million. In the United States, Phạm is the #1455 most common last name comprising about 0.008% of all last names. It is the 951st most common in France[2] with 5,509 persons sharing that name. It is ranked 943rd in the United States Social Security Index.[3]


Notable people with the surname Phạm include:

Politics and Military
Arts and entertainment
Religious figures
Fictional characters
  • Nina Pham, U.S. nurse who became the first victim in the U.S. to acquire the Ebola virus disease through transmission in the U.S. during the 2014 West African Ebola outbreak[4]

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