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Phenylpiperidine is a chemical compound with a phenyl moiety directly attached to piperidine. There are a variety of pharmacological effects associated some phenylpiperidines including morphine-like activity[1] or other central nervous system effects.

Compound N 4-position 3-position 4'-position Type of Pharmacology
MPPP Me Ph H -OCOEt opioid analgesic
Prodine Me Ph Me -OCOEt opioid analgesic
PEPAP CH2CH2Ph Ph H -OCOMe opioid analgesic
Pethidine Me Ph H -CO2Et mu-agonist with SRI properties
Budipine t-Bu Ph H Ph antiparkinson agent
Ketobemidone Me 3-HO-Ph H -COEt opioid + NMDA antagonist
Paroxetine H 4-F-Ph -CH2OAr H SSRI (+ NET)
Femoxetine Me Ph -CH2O(4-MeOPh) H (S)SRI
CPCA Me 4-Cl-Ph -CO2Me H monoamine reuptake inhibitor

Ar = benzodioxol-3-yl

Methylphenidate is a benzylpiperidine.


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