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Philip H. Winne is a professor of educational psychology and former Canada Research Chair in Self-Regulated Learning and Learning Technologies at Simon Fraser University. A Fellow of the American Educational Research Association, the American Psychological Association, the Association for Psychological Science, and the Canadian Psychological Association, Winne has made significant contributions to research on self-regulated learning. He is the principal investigator of the Learning Kit Project, which has developed educational software, now called nStudy, founded on principles of self-regulated learning.

Before earning a PhD from Stanford University in 1976, Winne received undergraduate and master's degrees from Bucknell University. He has served as President of the Canadian Educational Researchers Association (1984-1986), the Canadian Association for Educational Psychology (1988-1990), and Division 15-Educational Psychology of the American Psychological Association (2001-2003). He co-edited the Educational Psychologist[1] and serves as associate editor of the British Journal of Educational Psychology. Winne has authored (or co-authored) over 85 peer-reviewed journal articles, over 50 book chapters, and 5 books including an introductory textbook on educational psychology that is widely used in Canada (Woolfolk, Winne, & Perry, 2006).

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