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Philipp Steinke is a German songwriter, film composer, record producer and musician. Steinke is a member of the band Asher Lane.[1] Philipp Steinke was born and resides in Berlin, Germany.

Songwriting and film composing career[edit]

Steinke scored the soundtracks for the TV movies Im Schatten des Pferdemondes and Für immer Venedig. Steinke scored three episodes of the television series Heimatgeschichten and an episode of Stubbe - Von Fall zu Fall.[2]

In March 2009, Steinke was staying in Los Angeles where he met and began a writing collaboration with Roxanne Seeman. Steinke and Seeman wrote "Amor En Suspenso (Crocodile Tears)" which was recorded by Alejandra Guzmán,[3] Mexico's "Queen of Rock" for her "Unico" album, released by EMI Latin. Guzman wrote the Spanish lyrics with Fernando Osorio. In 2010, Guzman's "Unico" album went gold in Mexico.

Steinke and Seeman were asked to write a song for Jacky Cheung, China's #1 Pop Icon, who wanted to record a Canto-jazz concept album. Working with Cheung's producer, Andrew Tuason, Steinke and Seeman wrote "Everyday Is Christmas". Cheung asked Seeman and Steinke for another song and they wrote "Which Way, Robert Frost". According to Cheung, though he had "Everyday is Christmas" adapted into Chinese twice, neither version captured the English lyrics as they were written so he recorded "Everyday is Christmas" in English. Jacky Cheung's "Private Corner"[4][5] is the first jazz album Cheung has recorded and went platinum in less than a week.


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