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In Greek mythology, there were two women known as Philonoe /fɪˈlnˌ/ (Ancient Greek: Φιλονόη) or Phylonoe (Φυλονόη):

  1. Philonoe, daughter of King Tyndareus of Sparta and Leda. Artemis made her immortal.[1]
  2. Philonoe, daughter of Iobates and first wife of Bellerophon. Her sister Stheneboea loved Bellerophon more than her current husband. She was promised to Bellerophon after he vanquished the Chimera, the Amazons, and more tasks. Bellerophon was given half the kingdom as well as Philonoe's hand in marriage.[2][3] She was also known under several other names: Alkimedousa,[4] Anticleia,[5] Pasandra or Cassandra.[6]


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