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Chinese porcelain piyāla from the period of Qing dynasty
Simple ceramic piyāla

A piyāla (Persian: پیاله‎‎, Kurdish: پیاڵە‎, Urdu: پیال‎),[1] also called piola, piyola (Uzbek: piyola, IPA: [pɨjɒlá]), piala (Russian: пиала́ [pʲɪɐˈla]) or chini (Kyrgyz: чыны, Kazakh: шыны, from China) is a small ceramic bowl used throughout Central Asia for drinking tea. It is similar to the East Asian chawan. Piyālas may be used for other beverages too, such as kymyz, though traditionally a full-size bowl (called kese) is used for cold and hot beverages.