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Joaquín Turina's Piano Quintet in G minor, Op. 1 was composed in 1907 at the age of 24 while he studied in Paris' Schola Cantorum under Vincent d'Indy, and it was the composer's first published composition. It was premiered on May 6 that year in the Salle Aeolian by the Parent Quartet, to whose leader, Armand Parent, it was dedicated, while the first Spanish performance took place on September 22 in Sevilla. Ten days later the Quintet was awarded a prize in the Salon d'Automne by a jury comprised by Bourgault-Ducoudray, Bruneau, Fauré, d'Indy, Magnard, Maus, Parent and Pierné.

The composition, lasting c. 30 minutes, is inscribed in the Franckian tradition, and it consists of four movements which do not follow strictly the traditional sonata scheme as Turina fuses the scherzo and slow movement and precedes the sonata-allegro with a slow fugue. The movements are marked in Spanish, French and Italian:

  1. Fuga lenta
  2. Animé
  3. Andante — Scherzo
  4. Final

Turina didn't favor the Quintet's performance in later stages of his career as he considered it an impersonal work.[1] It was recovered in 1982 in the composer centenary's commemorations.


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