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Claves Records
Logo Claves Records.svg
Founded1968 (1968)
FounderMarguerite Dütschler
Ursula Pfaehler
Country of originSwitzerland
LocationPrilly,[1] Vaud

Claves Records is a Swiss classical record label, which was founded in 1968 by Marguerite Dütschler-Hüber (1931–2006) in Thun.[2]


Marguerite Dütschler-Hüber founded Claves with business partner Ursula Pfaehler when her piano teacher Jörg Ewald Dähler was unable to find a company willing to record and issue an LP of Bach preludes.[3] The label specialised in Swiss music and artists such as flutist Peter-Lukas Graf and Lieder recitals by performers including Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau, Teresa Berganza and Ernst Haefliger.[4] Claves also launched the recording career of María Bayo.

Claves Records SA was formally founded in 1968.[5] In 2004, the label was acquired by the Clara Haskil[6] foundation and then by Olivier Verrey who runs the company with other board members. Its first managing director was Antonin Scherrer who was succeeded by Thierry Scherz, In 2010 Patrick Peikert succeeded Scherz as managing director.[7]

Claves Records is now located in Prilly,[8] Switzerland.



Collaborations and co-productions[edit]


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