Piatra Mare Mountains

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Piatra Mare Mountains

The Piatra Mare Mountains is a small mountain range in Brașov County, southeast of Brașov, Romania, and also close to the resort town of Predeal.

Geologically the Paitra Mare Mountains stand at the southern end of the grand arc of the Eastern Carpathians, and between the inner ring of the Inner Eastern Carpathians and the outer ring of the Outer Eastern Carpathians. The neighbouring Postăvarul Massif is also positioned in the same transitional area.

map, with the Piatra Mare Mountains marked as group #9

The range consists mainly of limestone and Carpathian flysch. The rock forms a predominantly north-south ridge, from which structured side combs extend to the west, and steep drops to the east. The highest peak, also called Piatra Mare, stands at 1843 m (although sources differ on the exact height).

The mountain is a popular recreation and hiking area. In addition to the treeless summit that allows an unobstructed panoramic view in all directions, the landmarks are:

  • the Ice Cave, Peștera de Gheața
  • the gorge called Șapte Scări in the Șipoiaia Valley
  • and the Tamina Gorge in the valley Valea Pietrei Mici Valley

In winter the Piatra Mare peak is one of the four main massifs surrounding the ski resort of Poiana Braşov -- the other three are the already mentioned Postăvaru (1,799 m), Piatra Craiului (2,238 m), and Bucegi (2,505 m).

Coordinates: 45°33′N 25°39′E / 45.550°N 25.650°E / 45.550; 25.650