Pieces of the Sun

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Pieces of the Sun
Studio album by Tony Levin
Released February 12, 2002
Recorded Applehead Studios, Woodstock, New York
Genre Instrumental rock, space rock, progressive metal
Label Narada Productions
Producer Tony Levin
Tony Levin chronology
Waters of Eden
Pieces of the Sun
Double Espresso

Pieces of the Sun is Tony Levin's third solo record. It is an often jazzy, progressive rock, instrumental record. It features the Tony Levin Band, which includes Levin on bass guitars, stick and cello, Jerry Marotta on drums, Larry Fast playing synthesisers and Jesse Gress on guitars. The California Guitar Trio accompanies the quartet on the opening track, "Apollo." In addition to his percussion duties, Marotta plays acoustic guitar, Omnichord and saxophone on the record. The only vocal performances are a spoken word on "Tequila" and the called "dog one," "dog two" and "dog three!" on "Dog One," which is a new recording of an unreleased Peter Gabriel composition, which Levin, Marotta and Fast had played on.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Apollo" (Tony Levin) - 6:49
  2. "Geronimo" (Levin, Larry Fast, Jesse Gress, Jerry Marotta) - 3:11
  3. "Aquafin" (Levin) - 5:13
  4. "Dog One" (Peter Gabriel) - 5:15
  5. "Tequila" (Levin, Chuck Rio) - 5:20
  6. "Pieces of the Sun" (Levin, Marotta) - 7:20
  7. "Phobos" (Fast) - 7:08
  8. "Ooze" (Levin) - 4:16
  9. "Blue Nude Reclining" (Levin, Fast, Gress, Marotta) - 3:08
  10. "The Fifth Man" (Levin) - 5:47
  11. "Ever the Sun Will Rise" (Levin) - 9:08
  12. "Silhouette" (Levin) - 4:37




  • Tony Levin - Producer
  • Robert Frazza - Engineer
  • Doug Stringer - Premix and overdub engineer
  • Kevin Killen - Mixing engineer
  • Trevor Sadler - Mastering