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Developer(s) pimcore
Stable release 3.1.1[1] / September 16, 2015 (2015-09-16)
Operating system Cross-platform
Type Content management system
License BSD Licence
Website http://www.pimcore.org

Pimcore is a free and open-source web content management platform for creating and managing web applications and digital presences released under the terms of the BSD Licence. The pimcore platform contains various integrated applications for web content management, product information management, multi-channel publishing, e-commerce and various other marketing-specific applications like digital asset management, marketing management and an integrated behavioral targeting engine for personalizing content. Pimcore is being positioned as an open-source suite for customer experience management (CEM or CXM). Technologically pimcore is based on PHP, the Zend Framework and MySQL as the database layer.


pimcore is purely written in object-oriented PHP and is based on the Zend Framework. The application structure of pimcore follows the basic Model–view–controller pattern and all additional Zend Framework APIs like database abstraction, caching, internationalization, web services (REST) can be used within pimcore. Pimcore templates and views are based on the Zend View module of the framework and are written in pure PHP. Therefore it is possible to use all the existing Zend View Helpers for task such as paging, URL generation, placeholders. The frontend of the administration interface is powered by the Ext JS user interface toolkit. The communication between frontend and backend is purely based on AJAX.

The base of pimcore is the object-oriented pimcore API. Everything that can be done within the pimcore administration interface can be programmatically done by using the pimcore API or (since version 1.3) by using the REST webservice interface to pimcore. These APIs establish the core of pimcore's product information management module and primarily focus on topics like data integration from 3rd party enterprise applications and Web-to-print publishing.

Pimcore is extensible through plugins and widgets. Extensions can be distributed by using a dedicated plugin server [2] or by using the main plugin registry. Pimcore provides interfaces for integrating Java-based applications and objects by utilizing the PHP-Java-Bridge and Apache Thrift.

Software Requirements[edit]

pimcore is a web application, requiring a compatible HTTP server and a SQL database. As of version 2.0 (November 5, 2013), the requirements for pimcore are as follows:[3]


pimcore has been criticized for being difficult to use out of the box. Effective use requires an understanding of the Zend Framework.[5]

Awards, reviews and articles[edit]

  • 3 Popular Zend Framework Based CMS (29. April 2010)[6]
  • PHPmagazine article about pimcore (06. October 2010)[7]
  • Interview with pimcore developers and Dr. Apps from OpenCandy (29. October 2010)[8]
  • Winner of the Most Promising Open Source Project 2010 (15. November 2010)[9]
  • Pimcore article in the leading German PHP blog "PHP Gangsta" (23. December 2010)[10]
  • pimcore winning the Constantinus Award (July 2012)[11]
  • Winner of the official multimedia and e-business award 2013 of the Republic of Austria [12]


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