Pinghu Railway Station

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front view of the PingHu station

Pinghu railway station serves the town of Pinghu, Shenzhen, Guangdong province, China (PRC). It is a stop on the Guangshen railway, and also termini of Pingnan railway and Pingyan railway.

Preceding station   China Railways.svg China Railway   Following station
towards Guangzhou
Guangshen Railway
towards Shenzhen
towards Beijing West
Beijing–Kowloon Railway
towards Hung Hom
Terminus Pinghu–Nanshan Railway
Terminus Pinghu–Yantian Railway
towards Yantian

Coordinates: 22°41′41″N 114°07′12″E / 22.69472°N 114.12000°E / 22.69472; 114.12000