Pintian Mountain

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Pintian Mountain
Pintian Mountain
Highest point
Elevation 3,524 metres (11,562 ft)
Listing 100 Peaks of Taiwan
Coordinates 24°26′N 121°16′E / 24.43°N 121.27°E / 24.43; 121.27Coordinates: 24°26′N 121°16′E / 24.43°N 121.27°E / 24.43; 121.27
Pintian Mountain is located in Taiwan
Pintian Mountain
Pintian Mountain
The location of Pintian Mountain
(Shei-Pa National Park)
Location Heping District, Taichung/
Jianshi, Hsinchu County, Taiwan
Parent range Xueshan Range
Easiest route Hike and rock climb
Pintian Mountain as viewed from the south

Pintian Mountain (Chinese: 品田山; pinyin: Pǐntián Shān; Wade–Giles: P'in3-t'ien2 Shan1) is a mountain in Taiwan with an elevation of 3,524 m (11,562 ft).[1]

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