Plane Crazy (video game)

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Plane Crazy
Developer(s) Inner Workings
Publisher(s) SegaSoft
Platform(s) Microsoft Windows
Release September 30, 1998 (PC, North America)
September 15, 1999 (PS1)[1]
Genre(s) Plane Racing
Mode(s) Single player, multiplayer

Plane Crazy, released on September 30, 1998,[2] is a racing game in which contestants pilot racing planes through a number of 3D courses. Plane Crazy owed more to kart style racing games rather than flight sims, and made a few concessions to realism, relying instead on fast-paced action. Published by SegaSoft,[3] the game supported the multiplayer gaming system, with up to eight players allowed in one race.[4]


The game at the start of the first stage.

In Plane Crazy the player pilots a fast, cartoon-like plane, built for speed across a variety of levels against seven other opponents. The objective of each level is to make it to the finish as fast as possible and try to finish first before the other players do. There is also a set time limit where players must fly through checkpoints dotted along the course. The timer resets once you have flown through the checkpoint. If the player should fail, and don't reach the checkpoint before the timer runs out, the plane will veer out of control and crash, and it will be "Game Over".

Planes explode when they come into contact with other structures, terrain, or even other planes. They then respawn, invincible for a short amount of time. There are three types of planes: the light and fast plane that cannot take much damage, the evenly balanced plane and the heavy plane which is slower but can take more punishment. Each of these planes can be upgraded and customized. Nine different levels are included, each with their own themes, songs, and styles. Settings include a canyon, a dock, a jungle and even a city.

Throughout each map there are certain blue vortexes dotted at given locations, that give small random temporary buffs (upgrades)/weapons to the plane. These small power-ups give players a certain "edge" or advantage over the other opponents, making game play more hectic. Such as the "Black Cat", which grants invincibility for a short amount of time. Or even Rocket Boosts, which increases the planes speed dramatically for only a few seconds, depending on the rocket boosts level. Sometimes a player may be given a weapon which could fire a random homing missile at a random opponent in front of the plane. That player will than be sent a warning or an "Incoming!" message where the player can try to dodge the projectile. If the missile should hit, that player's plane could be temporarily disabled and plummet to the ground, which usually results in the plane crashing. Each plane is also given three blue torpedoes, which can be used to trigger environmental hazards for other players or shortcuts. Plane Crazy features online play, using the multiplayer gaming system. It allows eight players on one server at one time.


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