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Plantagon International AB is a Swedish company founded by Hans Hassle and the Native American indigenous people of Onondaga Nation on January 29, 2008. Up until February 2016 Hans Hassle was CEO and Professor Oren R. Lyons was Chairman of the Board. Starting February 2016, Owe Pettersson is CEO and Sidney Hill is Chairman of the Board. Plantagon is active within the sector of Urban Agriculture and is developing technology for industrial scale food production in cities.[1]

The company's plans to build a vertical farm, the company's premier project, in Linköping.[2] The Swedish authority “the Delegation for Sustainable Cities” have also provided financial support to carry out a feasibility study for the possible establishment of a vertical greenhouse in Botkyrka and Helsingborg. Plantagon also established the Tongji-Plantagon Research Center in April 2013 in collaboration with Tongji University in Shanghai and have its Asian office in Singapore.

Plantagon's innovation consists of minimizing the need for artificial lighting through efficient architecture and a so-called vertical food production line which moves plants from ceiling to floor at a slow pace throughout their growing cycle.[3]

The business concept is based on a vision to feed the world's growing population by producing food directly to the consumers within urban areas. These vertical greenhouses will reduce resources such as arable land, water, energy and pesticides as well as transportation.[4]

Groundbreaking ceremony for the construction of the vertical farm in Linköping was held in early 2012.[5]

International recognition[edit]

In 2010, Plantagon represented Sweden at the Swedish Pavilion during the World Expo in Shanghai.[6] In October 2012 Plantagon received the Swedish-American Chamber of Commerce Deloitte Green Award presented by His Majesty Carl XVI Gustav of Sweden.[7] In 2010, Plantagon was awarded the Red Herring Top 100 Europe and in 2012 the Red Herring Top 100 Global. Plantagon received the Silver Stevie Awards for most innovative company in Europe in 2012.[8]


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