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Plato Malozemoff House, New York

Plato Malozemoff (1909–1997) was an American engineer and manager. He was born in Russia and immigrated to the US as a child. He attended the University of California, Berkeley as an undergraduate and did his graduate studies at the Montana School of Mines. He got an entry-level engineering position with Newmont Mining Corporation in 1945. Quickly rising up the corporate ranks, Malozemoff took the helm of the company in 1954. At the time it was valued at $147 million. He expanded it into a $2.3 billion firm via acquisitions and international expansion by the time he left in 1986.[1] He was inducted into the Mining Hall of Fame in 1994.[2] He died in 1997.

Malozemoff's son, Alexis Malozemoff, is a notable solid state physicist.


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