Playgreen Lake

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Playgreen Lake
Playgreen Lake in Manitoba.jpg
Playgreen Lake north of Lake Winnipeg
Location Division No. 22, Manitoba
Coordinates 54°02′N 98°14′W / 54.033°N 98.233°W / 54.033; -98.233Coordinates: 54°02′N 98°14′W / 54.033°N 98.233°W / 54.033; -98.233
Primary inflows Nelson River
Primary outflows Nelson River
Catchment area 5,322 km2 (2,055 sq mi)
Basin countries Canada
Surface area 657 km2 (254 sq mi)
Average depth 4 m (13 ft)
Max. depth 18 m (59 ft)
Water volume 2.76 km3 (2,240,000 acre·ft)
Residence time 0.04 years
Shore length1 471 km (293 mi)
Surface elevation 217 m (712 ft)
References [1][2]
1 Shore length is not a well-defined measure.

Playgreen Lake is a lake in the province of Manitoba in Canada. The lake covers an area of 657 km2 (254 sq mi) and it is a part of the Nelson River watershed. The lake is the ninth largest lake in the province. It is located along the Nelson River some 10 kilometres (6.2 mi) north from the north end of Lake Winnipeg. It was first mapped by noted British surveyor, map-maker, chief fur trader and explorer Peter Fidler in 1809.[3]


Cross Lake north of Playgreen Lake

The Nelson River flows into Playgreen Lake from Lake Winnipeg then flows from two channels into Cross Lake.

The east channel and the Jack River flow from the southeast portion of the lake into Little Playgreen Lake then the Nelson east channel continues in a northerly direction passing through Pipestone Lake on its way to Cross Lake. The Echimamish River on this section leads to the Hayes River and York Factory on the Hudson Bay part of early Canadian canoe routes important during the North American fur trade.

The west channel flows out of the north ends of Playgreen Lake, Kiskittogisu Lake and Kiskitto Lake into Cross Lake at the Manitoba Hydro's Jenpeg Generating Station and Dam.[4][5]

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