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Plum Baby was a United Kingdom company producing organic food for babies, based in Taplow.

In August 2014 the company announced that they were to cease trading. This announcement followed a number of product recalls in 2013.

Founded in 2004 by Susie Willis, a former chef at The Savoy Hotel,[citation needed] the brand produced organic baby and toddler food. Products were sold in all the major UK supermarkets including Ocado. Plum was positioned at the premium end of the baby food market and at one time had a 4% share of the baby food sector in the UK, worth £11m.[citation needed] Plum Baby was a member of Organic Farmers and Growers.


The Taplow based Plum Baby was founded in 2004 by Susie and Paddy Willis and launched in February 2006. Within 12 months of launch, company products were available in 2,500 supermarket stores. The founders sold to Darwin Private Equity in May 2010 in a deal that valued the company at £10 million.[citation needed] In January 2013 Plum Baby Ltd was sold to US based Plum organics.[1] Then, in June 2013 Plum organics was acquired by Campbell Soup.[2]

In 2013, the Campbell Soup Company bought out Plum Organics using available credit.[3]

In November 2013, Plum Organics recalled several baby food products for a spoilage defect.[4]

Plum Organics shut down in August 2014.[5]


Plum Baby had 38 products ranges including Stage 1 – 3 baby and toddler food, snack ranges and others. All Plum Baby products were described 100% organic.

The wet food was sold in resealable pouches, which contained aluminium, sandwiched between two layers of plastic which eliminated the need for preservatives and meant that the food can be minimally processed. The aluminium never came in direct contact with the food to ensure it's safe for consumption. Many of the pouches were recalled as the seals on a some lines of baby food failed causing the contents to spoil.

Plum Baby products contained no added sugar, salt or water. No additives, E numbers or GM products. Plum Baby Organics prepared baby food was more nutritious when compared to other brands due to quinoa added for texture.[6]


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