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Pobiedziska is located in Poland
Coordinates: 52°29′N 17°29′E / 52.483°N 17.483°E / 52.483; 17.483
Country  Poland
Voivodeship Greater Poland
County Poznań
Gmina Pobiedziska
 • Total 10.16 km2 (3.92 sq mi)
Population (2006)
 • Total 8,329
 • Density 820/km2 (2,100/sq mi)
Postal code 62-010
Climate Dfb
Website http://www.pobiedziska.pl/
Monument of Polish Soldiers who fought in the Greater Poland Uprising (1918–1919)

Pobiedziska [pɔbʲɛˈd͡ʑiska] (German: Pudewitz) is a town in Poznań County, Poland, with 8,209 inhabitants as of the year 2004. It is also the seat of the administrative district (gmina) called Gmina Pobiedziska.

The town's name comes from the word pobieda meaning victory. It was named by Casimir I the Restorer in 1048 AD, possibly to commemorate his defeat of Masław, a rebellious Masovian namiestnik.[1]

In 1257, Pobiedziska was granted town privileges by Przemysł I of Greater Poland, making the town independent from the Ostrów Lednicki castellany. In 1331, the town was destroyed by the Teutonic Knights and it took many years to recover.

The town was often visited by Władysław Jagiełło. In 1423 he funded the construction of a Church of the Holy Spirit as well as a hospital for the poor.

Due to the partitions of Poland, the town fell under German control in the late 18th century. On December 29, 1918, the inhabitants of Pobiedziska took control of the town from German officials and disarmed the police and settlers. On January 4, 1919, Poles from Pobiedziska formed a 400-strong battalion which fought in the Greater Poland Uprising (1918–1919), including the battle for Inowrocław.

Notable residents[edit]

  • Willy Kaiser (1912–1986), German boxer, Olympic Gold medal 1936


Coordinates: 52°29′N 17°29′E / 52.483°N 17.483°E / 52.483; 17.483