Pocket Dream Console

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Pocket Dream Console
Manufacturer Conny Technology Co., Ltd.
Type Closed-system handheld game console
Release date JPN August 3, 2006
Media None
CPU Unknown 16-bit
Storage None
Dimensions Width: 10.3 cm x Height: 5.2 cm x Depth: 2.4 cm
Website www.conny.com.cn/main.html

The Pocket Dream Console is a small handheld game device created by Conny in 2005. [1] The system was released in Japan in 2006 by Takara Tomy. It is available in different colors.

In Germany, the PDC is rebranded as "MGT (Mobile Games Technology) Pocket Star LCD - Spielkonsole 30in1" by importer PEARL or sold under the original Name "PDC" from Videojet at Toys R Us. The Videojet-Version is available with 30, 40, 50 or 100 games.

System overview[edit]


The PDC is a closed system with 100 built-in games, mostly unofficial clones of other popular titles, including clones of Loderunner, Arkanoid, Puzzloop, Sokoban, Bomberman and Nintendogs. The advertised line-up includes:


Presumed to be 16 bits but the architecture is still unknown.


  • A/V port: The system can be connected to a TV or other equipment with a custom cable for composite video and mono audio and is sold separately. It uses a mini USB B connector.
  • Mini headphone jack.
  • Buttons: D-pad; A, B and menu buttons; two shoulder pads and volume control.
  • 2" backlit TFT LCD screen.


  • 3 AAA batteries.
  • Lifetime: 15 hours
  • 3V logic
  • A blue power LED.
  • System powers down automatically after some time when no button has been pressed.


  • Manufacturer: AU Optronics
  • Part number: A020BL01
  • Size: 2 inch
  • Full color
  • Resolution: 320x240
  • Pixel positioning: delta
  • Number of contacts: 33
  • Backlight
  • color: blue, red and white


  • One built-in speaker
  • Volume can be adjusted with two buttons.

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