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PodProperty Pty Ltd
IndustryCo-Ownership Services
FoundedApril 2006
ProductsCo-Ownership Guide
ServicesCo-Ownership Agreements

PodProperty is an online legal service provider that specialises in co-ownership agreements for tenants in common.[1][2][3][4][5][6][7] It is a pioneer in the home co-ownership industry.[8][9][10][11][12]


Jeremy Levitt and Jonathan Stambolis co-founded PodProperty in April 2006.[1][2][9][10] Stambolis is a director of PodProperty, and Levitt is the company's chief executive officer (CEO).[8][13][14] The business is built around the legal arrangement of co-ownership of houses, apartments or real estate in Australia.[9][12] The company was established during Australia's housing affordability crisis when there was soaring property prices and rising interest rates on home mortgages.[1][8][15]

It was reported in November 2006 (six months after PodProperty was established) that the company was receiving 30-40 enquiries a day for its co-ownership guide.[1] In June 2007, PodProperty made a submission to the New Zealand Parliament Commerce Select Committee Inquiry into Housing Affordability in New Zealand.[16][17] Its submission "focuses on shared equity schemes and, in particular, co-ownership as a means of improving the affordability of housing in New Zealand, based on the success of this initiative in Australia".[17] The company said in a report in February 2010 that the estimated number of people it has assisted with their co-ownership plans grew 51 per cent year on year and it attributed the growth to the effects of the global financial crisis and people wanting to spread their mortgage risk.[11]

Services and products[edit]

PodProperty arranges co-ownership agreements and letters of legal advice for people who want to buy property together as tenants in common.[3][5][11][15][18][19] The PodProperty Co-Ownership Agreement can set out the rights and obligations between people in many different types of relationships, including groups of friends, family members, de facto partners (either heterosexual or same-sex) or a combination of these types of relationships, and it can be used to set out how the co-owners want to deal with any other issues relating to the property.[2][5][20] The company has a co-ownership guide for home buyers and real estate investors, which explains how co-ownership works, its importance and how to start or end a co-ownership.[1]

The PodProperty Co-Ownership Guide is given out for free.[5] The company also provides a service to help home owners and real estate investors sell down part of their investments.[21] It charges for co-ownership agreements, and would be co-owners pay on a "per person" basis for this service.[2][10][12][20][22]


PodProperty has a strategic partnership with the Commonwealth Bank of Australia (CBA) and Mortgage Choice which has PodProperty listed as their preferred source of co-ownership agreements.[7][13][20][23][24] It launched a co-ownership initiative with the now defunct Wizard Home Loans in 2007 to provide specialised services for single first home buyers looking to purchase property together.[15][18][25]

In 2007, PodProperty organised the co-ownership of a holiday property in Queensland involving five Australian couples living in Indonesia, the Northern Territory and Victoria and assisted another group to buy in Niseko, Japan.[10] They arranged a co-ownership agreement for two friends who pooled their deposits to buy an apartment in Surry Hills, New South Wales in 2008.[26][27] The company also assisted a brother and sister in 2008 to buy an apartment in Sydney's North Bondi and helped them to look for a second one too.[19] In 2013, PodProperty drew up a co-ownership agreement for the sales of a five-bedroom house in Cottage Point, New South Wales waterfront on Sydney's Pittwater.[14]


The company's chief executive officer (CEO), Jeremy Levitt, was nominated as a 2007 SmartCompany Idol.[15]

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