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For other uses, see Polly (disambiguation).

Polly is a nickname for Mary, and is derived from another nickname for Mary, Molly. It is sometimes used as a name in its own right.



Fictional characters[edit]


  • Polly (robot), an early vision-based mobile robot
  • Polly Pocket, a doll in the children's toy line
  • Polly and Molly, genetically engineered sheep
  • Polly (song), a 1991 song by grunge band Nirvana (band)
  • Polly Klaas Foundation, is a 501(c)(3) public charity organization devoted to preventing crimes against children, assisting in the recovery of missing children, and lobbying for legislative assistance. The foundation was formed October 23, 1993 to search for Polly Klaas.

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