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Developer(s) Christophe Lacaze
Frédérick Raynal
Platform(s) MS-DOS
  • EU: 1988
Genre(s) Breakout
Mode(s) Single-player

PopCorn is a 1989 breakout clone by French developers Christophe Lacaze and Frédérick Raynal.


The game was released as freeware for MS-DOS PCs with a CGA graphics adapter, and received a reputation for being an improvement over the PC version of Arkanoid, which it plays similarly to.[citation needed] The game was also released with the European version of Little Big Adventure 2.[citation needed]

The game is in French and was programmed in assembly language for the intel 8086 CPU clocked at 8Mhz. It can nevertheless run on any modern machines using MS-DOS emulators such as DosBox.

In 2013, Popcorn was remade by Frédérick Raynal for both Windows and mobile devices under the name Popcorn 1988. It contains a full remake of all 50 levels using the original game's visuals. However, it lacks the level editor featured in the original, which allowed for custom level sets.


(in French) Popcorn on LTF Abandonware France

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