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Poppy is any flower with the genus or species Papaveraceae which has the common name poppy.

Poppy may also refer to:


  • Poppy (given name), including a list of people and fictional characters
  • Poppy (singer), American singer and songwriter known for her eponymous musical project
  • a family nickname of former President George H. W. Bush (born 1924), popularized by New York Times columnist Maureen Dowd
  • early nickname of Lucy, Lady Houston (1857–1936), British philanthropist, political activist, suffragette and eccentric
  • Katharine Poppy Harlow (born 1982), American news anchor and reporter
  • Poppy Morgan (born 1983), pseudonym of an English pornographic actress, model and director
  • Poppy Windham, stage name of British actress, interior decorator and pioneering aviator Elsie Mackay (c. 1893–1928)
  • Andrew Poppy (born 1954), English composer, pianist and record producer
  • Paul Puopolo (born 1987), Australian rules footballer nicknamed "Poppy"

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