Popstars: Du & Ich

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Popstars: Du & Ich
Popstars Du & Ich.jpg
Popstars logo.
Created by Jonathan Dowling
Starring Some & Any
Detlef Soost
Alex Christensen
Michelle Leonard
Kate Hall
Opening theme Last Man Standing
Country of origin Germany
No. of episodes 17
Running time 100 min.
Original network ProSieben
Original release August 20 – December 10, 2009
Preceded by Popstars - Just 4 Girls
Followed by Popstars: Girls forever
External links
Website www.prosieben.de/tv/popstars

Popstars: Du & Ich is the eight season of Popstars (Germany), in which young aspiring singers compete in order to claim their spots to become the duo "Some & Any". This is the format for the second season of the Popstars series, focusing mostly on dancers/singers, looking for fame in the music industry. It premiered on Thursday, August 20, 2009. The final combination which genders the band will consist of was open until the finals. The candidates can apply alone or together, but if they apply together it's unsure if both will survive the elimination. The judge panel changed. Michelle Leonard and Alex Christensen, who was already a member of the jury, joined the judge panel. The castings through big cities ran for 4 episodes. The contestants take a seat in a big hall and have to step forward to the judges in groups of 4(2+2 if they apply as duos) and sing one song in front of them. They learn from the judges decision directly after their performance. One day later, the winners of the first day have to prepare two songs and get to the judges alone (or as a duo) and perform both songs without forgetting any lines of the lyrics. The few contestants that get through this round continue their journey at a big decision-show in Stuttgart where they can qualify for the workshop. The Workshop-Phase in Las Vegas lasts five weeks. Then the next weeks until the big Live-Finale back in Germany in December 2009, in which they finally crown the new Popstars, the contestens are in the Band-House in New York City. The Final on 10 December was won by 18-year-old Vanessa Meisinger and the Brazilian 20-year-old Leonardo (Leo) Ritzmann. They are the new Popstars-Duo Some & Any.

Guest performances[edit]

In addition, songs are played during the episodes to promote an artist, single, album, or the show itself. Included is a list of those songs with their Media Control Top 100 reactions.

Week Performer(s) Title Top 100
Casting I The Baseballs "Umbrella"
"Hot N Cold"
69 (re-entered)
no release
performed with contestants
Casting II Colbie Caillat "Fallin' For You"
16 (+4-new peak)
72 (re-entered)
performed with contestants
Casting III Queensberry "Too Young"
"I Can't Stop Feeling"
45 (-4)
failed to re-enter
performed with contestants
Casting IV Cassandra Steen "Stadt"
"Lass Mich Nicht Hier"
8 (no change)
performed with contestants
Workshop IV Ashley Tisdale "Crank It Up" 19 (debut) performance
Keri Hilson "Knock You Down" 55 (+12) performance
Workshop V Queensberry "Hello (Turn Your Radio On)" 4 (debut) performance
Workshop VI Taylor Swift "Love Story" 81 (re-entered) Elif&Dagmara performed
Swift played guitar
Bandphase III Culcha Candela "Monsta" 3 (+11-new peak) performance feat. Leo&Vanessa
(re-released digital)
The All-American Rejects "The Wind Blows" unreleased performance feat. Nik&Elif
Michelle Leonard "Where Did We Go Wrong" failed to chart performance
Eighth-Finale Kate Hall "Du Gehörst Zu Mir" 37 (debut) performance
Quarter-Finale Alex C. feat. Yass "Dancing Is Like Heaven" 41 (debut) performance
Semi-Finale Queensberry "Too Young" / "Hello (Turn Your Radio On)" failed to re-enter / 22 (+4) performed live
Leona Lewis "Run" 34 (re-entered) performed live with the finalists
Stanfour "Wishing You Well" 24 (-1) performed live
Cassandra Steen "Never Knew I Needed" 64 (debut) performed live with Nik&Elif
Finale Rihanna "Russian Roulette"
"Don't Stop The Music"
5 (no change)
failed to re-enter
failed to re-enter
performed live
feat. Leo&Vanessa
feat. Nik&Elif
Keri Hilson "I Like" 1 (debut) performed live
Leona Lewis "Happy" 12 (+4) performed live
Mando Diao "Nothing Without You" 76 (debut) performed live
Some & Any "Last Man Standing" 16 (debut) performed live

Television ratings[edit]


Episode from 3 years 14- to 49-year-old
(in millions)
(in %)
(in millions)
(in %)
0. Review 1,39 1,13 10,8
1. Casting I 2,08 1,75 16,9
2. Casting II 2,20 1,83 17,4
3. Casting III 2,41 16,5
4. Casting IV 2,34 17,1
5. The Show 2,29 1,88 15,8
6. Workshop I 1,92 7,0 1,58 13,8
7. Workshop II 1,65
8. Workshop III 2,14 1,76 14,6
9. Workshop IV 2,12 1,74 14,4
10. Workshop V 2,37 2,00 17,4
11. Workshop VI 2,05 1,75 14,3
12. Bandphase I 2,37 1,92 15,5
13. Bandphase II 2,16 7,2 1,77 14,0
14. Bandphase III 2,09 14,0


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