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There are many speculative fiction publications and methods of publication. These include novels, short stories and other short works, poetry, film, television, and artwork, and more recently has begun to include works published entirely online.

Selected publication

Cover of first issue
Other Worlds Science Stories (usually referred to by readers as simply Other Worlds) was an American science fiction magazine, edited by Raymond A. Palmer with Bea Mahaffey. It was published by Palmer's Clark Publishing in Evanston, Illinois beginning in the late 1940s. Sold for 35 cents, the digest-size publication was bi-monthly until September 1950, six-weekly until October 1952 and then monthly.

The first issue, dated November 1949, was credited to editor Robert N. Webster, one of Palmer's pseudonyms, since Palmer was, at the time, still employed by Ziff-Davis as the editor of Amazing Stories and Fantastic Adventures. Other Worlds debuted with "The Fall of Lemuria" by Richard S. Shaver, "Where No Foot Walks" by G.H. Irwin and "Venus Trouble Shooter" by John Wiley.

It continued as a bi-monthly, running stories by Forrest J Ackerman, Poul Anderson, Ray Bradbury, Eando Binder, Jerome Bixby, Robert Bloch, Anthony Boucher, Marion Zimmer Bradley, Fredric Brown, Lester del Rey, David H. Keller, Daniel Keyes, Fritz Leiber, Rog Phillips, Mack Reynolds, Eric Frank Russell, E. E. Smith, Theodore Sturgeon, William F. Temple, A.E. van Vogt, Jack Vance, H.G. Wells, Robert Moore Williams, Donald A. Wolheim and others. In 1952-53, Other Worlds serialized L. Sprague de Camp's non-fiction Lost Continents (published as a book in 1954). Covers were by Paul Blaisdell, Hannes Bok, Virgil Finlay, Robert Gibson Jones, Harold McCauley, James B. Settles, Malcolm H. Smith and J. Allen St. John.

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