Portland Windmills

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Northern windmill
Southern windmill

The Portland Windmills are two historic, presumed medieval, stone towers which were once windmills. The disused windmills are located nearby south of Easton village and the east of Weston village. Both towers are close to one another, (135 metres), within an area of rolling fields and old quarries. The northern one is found at Cottonfields and the southern one at Top Growlands. They are relatively short mills with conical caps.[1] Both windmills have been separate Grade II Listed monuments since September 1978,[2][3] and are the only historic windmill remains to survive in Dorset.[4]


Although their origin is unknown, both windmills were first recorded in the Land Revenue Accounts of 1608. Both windmills were first featured on a 1626 map by William Simplon and included on the Hutchins map of 1710, where they were highlighted as prominent sea navigation landmarks. Although there had been similar windmills in Brittany, the Channel Islands and other parts of England, the Portland windmills are said to be two of the earliest of their type in the United Kingdom. Having kept the same primitive form throughout their 400-year existence, the windmills were probably built and maintained by island craftsmen and millers.[4] Traditionally the windmills were operated by the Pearce family from the 17th century to the late 1890s, when the two mills ceased use due to cheap mass-produced flour and bread being readily available via Portland's modern rail and road links.

During World War II, the south tower was used as a look-out post.[4] The same tower was renovated by ARC Ltd in 1991.[5] In 2000, some care was given to the windmills in attempt to preserve them.[6] In recent times further quarrying in the area has come within close range of the windmills, but both remain untouched, as does the public footpath coiling around them. In recent years attempts have been made to form a trust to preserve both windmills.


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Coordinates: 50°32′28″N 2°26′13″W / 50.5410°N 2.4370°W / 50.5410; -2.4370