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Scientific classification
Domain: Eukaryota
(unranked): Excavata
Division: Euglenozoa
Class: Postgaardea[1]
Order: Postgaardida
Cavalier-Smith 2003
Family: Postgaardidae
Cavalier-Smith 2016
Genus: Postgaardi
Fenchel et al. 1995
  • Postgaardi mariagerensis Fenchel et al. 1995

Postgaardi mariagerensis is a species of single-celled eukaryote in the Euglenozoa. Some have classified it in a class called Postgaardea along with Calkinsia, but as of 2009, Postgaardi is not well enough known to confidently determine its relationship with other organisms in the Euglenozoa.[1] Both it and Calkinsia do live in low oxygen environments and are covered with bacteria which live on their surface.[1]


The only species in the genus Postgaardi is P. mariagerensis.[1][2]


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