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Power of Attorney is an American-syndicated nontraditional court show that differed from other judge shows in that each side was represented by prominent attorneys who cross-examined witnesses.

The chairman of the American Bar Association and O. J. Simpson defense attorney Johnnie Cochran were guest attorneys on the show. Also, O. J. Simpson prosecutors Marcia Clark and Christopher Darden were also guest attorneys.

Gloria Allred, who has handled several high-profile cases, was also on hand. Geoffrey Fieger, who defended Jack Kevorkian; Dominic Barbara, who represented Joey Buttafuoco; Jeffrey W. Steinberger, Legal Analyst/TV Commentator, Benedict Morelli, a New York trial attorney, and Keith Fink were also among guest attorneys on the show.

The show's judge was Andrew Napolitano during the first season, 2000–2001, and in the second season, Lynn Toler (currently of Divorce Court) was the presiding judge. The show was cancelled mid-way through the second season due to low ratings, the effects of preemptions at the start of the second season due to the September 11 attacks breaking the momentum of Toler's debut, and high cost of the 10 or so rotating high-profile attorneys.