Powerline river crossings in the United Kingdom

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There are a number of substantial overhead power line river crossings in the United Kingdom.

The tallest electricity pylons in the UK are those of the 400 kV Thames Crossing, at West Thurrock, which are 190 m (630 ft) high. These were constructed by BICC in 1965. The cables stretch 1300 m (4,500 ft) across the River Thames and have a minimum clearance of 76 m (250 ft).

The longest powerline river crossing in the UK is the Aust Severn Powerline Crossing over the River Severn at Aust, stretching 1700 m (5,310 ft) between towers 148 m (488 ft) high. This pylon crossing is paralleled by the Severn-Wye Cable Tunnel beneath it, at almost the same location.

The 400 kV Forth Crossing, just upriver of the Kincardine Bridge, in Scotland, has a span of about 1130 m (3,700 ft) over the River Forth.

A crossing of the River Tyne, located near Jarrow has a height of 128 meters, [1] and a span of around 800 meters.[citation needed]


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