Prager Zeitung

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Prager Zeitung
Type Weekly newspaper
Publisher Prago Media
Founded 1991; 26 years ago (1991)
Political alignment Liberal
Language German
Headquarters Prague

The Prager Zeitung is a German newspaper in the Czech Republic issued weekly in Prague.

History and profile[edit]

Prager Zeitung was founded in 1991.[1] It considers itself as a successor of the Prager Tagblatt, a German-language daily in Bohemia published from 1876 to 1939.[1]

Prager Zeitung, published by Prago Media spol, is an independent publication and has a liberal political leaning.[1] It provides political news and puts special emphasis on the relations between the Czech Republic and its German-speaking neighbors.[1] Its former editors include Egon Erwin Kisch and Max Brod.[1]

The weekly is also distributed in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.[2] It is the largest non-Czech newspaper published in the Czech Republic.

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