Praia da Chave

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Praia da Chave
Praia da Chave, its location is in the west of the island
Location Western Boa Vista, Cape Verde
Coordinates 16°06′43″N 22°55′01″W / 16.112°N 22.917°W / 16.112; -22.917
Access road
Beach length 10 km

Praia da Chave or Praia de Chaves is a beach in the western part of the island of Boa Vista in Cape Verde. Its length is about 6 to 10 km long and is nearly crescent shaped. Nearby beaches is Praia de Cabral which is north of Sal Rei and Praia da Varandinha.

At the northern part of the beach, close to the town Rabil, tourist resorts have been developed and its length is approximately 1 km long, the northernmost is the urban outskirts of Sal Rei in which housing developments and hotels reached the beach's limit. Tourism continuing to soar, the hotel villa construction west of Rabil slowed as of 2016. One of them was built by Iberostar Club Boa Vista, the first in Cape Verde, the others are Karamboa and Royal Decameron Praia de Chave.

Streams flowing crossing the beach is the Ribeira do Rabil running south of the resorts.

Once the beach featured Cape Verde's major ceramic factory.

Praia de Chaves with its hotels and resorts

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Coordinates: 16°06′43″N 22°55′01″W / 16.112°N 22.917°W / 16.112; -22.917