Prairie Wrestling Alliance

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Prairie Wrestling Alliance
Acronym PWA
Founded 2001
Style American Wrestling
Headquarters Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Founder(s) Kurt Sorochan
Tex Gaines
Hercules Ayala
Owner(s) Kurt Sorochan Nizar Watfa Ivan Thomsen

The Prairie Wrestling Alliance (PWA, formerly Prairie Wrestling Association)[1] is an independent wrestling promotion based in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, since 2001. The PWA is owned, operated, and promoted by Kurt Sorochan. Lance Storm is a former booker with the promotion.


The PWA was established in March 2001 by Kurt Sorochan, Tex Gaines, and Hercules Ayala.[2] Their first shows were outside of Edmonton due to the difficulty of getting a promoter's license.[2] Their first show in Edmonton drew over 700 people.[2]

In 2003, they put on monthly events, which got mostly good reviews.[3] The following year in 2004, however, they put on fewer shows due to scheduling conflicts.[4] The company relaunched it's shows in October 2004 with Night of Champions.[4]

The PWA currently runs shows monthly in Edmonton, AB at the Northgate Lions Senior Recreation Center & Calgary, AB at the Century Casino.[5] On January 20, 2014, the PWA announced that they would start running shows in Red Deer, AB on May 22, 2014.[6] On May 31, 2014 the PWA ran its first show in Lloydminster Sask/Ab.


Current Active Roster[edit]

  • Brandon Van Danielson
  • "God's Gift" Michael Richard Blais
  • Gabriel Lestat
  • Sheik Akbar Shabaz
  • Chris Steel
  • "Dirty" Duke Durango
  • Richie Rage

Andrew Hawks

  • Fury (PWA Commonwealth Champion)
  • Brett Morgan
  • Bobby Sharp (PWA Mayhem Champion)
  • Chase Patrick
  • Kenny Stryker
  • Fabian Ribero
  • Brett Morgan
  • Frenetico (retired)
  • Colton Kelly (PWA Canadian Tag Team Champion)
  • Reid Matthews (PWA Canadian Tag Team Champion)
  • Slammer
  • Shaun Moore
  • Michael Allen Richard Clark
  • Aiden Adams


  • Gisele Shaw
  • Kat Von Heez


  • Drew Dalby (not active)
  • Dr. Kyoto (not active)
  • John Lynx



  • Michael "The Fitz" Fitzpatrick
  • Robert Young
  • Gregory Thomas
  • Carlton Smith


  • What About Ivan
  • Big Bad Boris

General Managers[edit]

  • Edmonton: Andy Anderson
  • Calgary: Sgt Hazard


Male wrestlers[edit]

Female wrestlers[edit]

Hall of Fame[edit]

  • Hercules Ayala
  • Johnny Devine
  • Michael Fitzpatrick
  • Don Ferguson/Sgt Hazard
  • Dusty Adonis
  • Marky
  • Phoenix Taylor
  • Big Bad Boris
  • Kurt Sorochan
  • Red Thunder
  • Duke Durango
  • Chris Steele
  • Kurt's Mom
  • Janie Roznicki
  • Sergeant Hazard

Current champions[edit]

Championship Champion(s) Previous Event Date Won Location
PWA Heavyweight Championship Western Lions (MRB & BVD) Brett Morgan PWA Night of Champions June 24, 2017 Edmonton, AB
PWA Commonwealth Championship Fury Fabian Ribeiro PWA Night of Champions June 24, 2017 Edmonton, AB
PWA Canadian Tag Team Championship (The Millennial Rebels) Shaun Moore and Alexander Prime PWA Apocalypse April 8, 2017 Calgary, AB
PWA Mayhem Championship Bobby Sharp Kenny Stryker PWA Night of Champions June 24, 2017 Edmonton, AB
PWA Women's Championship Vacant Jordyn Brooks N/A June 24, 2012 Calgary, AB


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