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For other uses, see Pravda (disambiguation). (formerly Pravda Online) is a Russian internet news website established in 1999 and owned by Holding (headed by Vadim Gorshenin).

After the collapse of the Soviet Union, the oldest Soviet paper founded in 1903, Pravda, split into three different papers. Significant members of the main editorial staff (Viktor Afanasiev, Gennady Seleznev, Yuri Zhukov, Vera Tkachenko and Vadim Gorshenin) left Pravda to form the online news & opinion website[1] has an online readership of about 258,000.

According to politologist Stanislav Belkovsky, is controlled by Konstantin Kostin and his wife Olga Kostina.[2]

The Russian oligarch, Sergey Veremeenko also holds interests in and Pravda International.[3] has long attracted controversy. The owners have been accused of supporting the Russian government's position on various subjects both within and outside the country and has been seen as nothing more than a propaganda tool, producing neo-Soviet, Russian nationalist news and outright false conspiracy theories.[4] has produced outlandish articles with headings like “AIDS: 21st century’s biggest fraud”, “Aliens forced Americans out from the Moon”, “Time machine built in Europe, Russian scientists say”, “Time can be turned back”, “Alien and human skulls found on Mars”, "Nuclear strike hits Yemen", “Boriska, boy from Mars, says that all humans live eternally” and "Autotrophs: new kind of humans appears who neither drink nor eat."[citation needed]

The former URL, giving access to the English language part of the web site, redirects to the domain


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