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Pretty Diff
Developer(s) Austin Cheney
Initial release March 3, 2009
Platform Web, Command line
Type Data comparison, Pretty-print, Minify
License Open source

Pretty Diff is a language-aware data comparison[1][2] utility implemented in JavaScript. The online utility is capable of source code beautification, minification, and comparison of two pieces of input text. It operates by removing code comments from supported languages and then performs a pretty-print[3] operation prior to executing the diff algorithm. An abbreviated list of unit tests is provided.[4] The documentation[5] claims the JavaScript pretty-print operation conforms to the requirements of JSLint.

As Pretty Diff is written entirely in JavaScript, the application executes in a web browser or on command line using a stand alone JavaScript interpreter, such as Node.js or with WSH provided a .wsf file. A NPM package is provided[6] for use with Node.js.

The source code is published at the Pretty Diff GitHub repository.[7]


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