Priesthood (album)

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Studio album by Killah Priest
Released July 10, 2001
Recorded 2000–2001
Genre Hip hop
Label Proverbs
Producer Luminati, Nirocist
Killah Priest chronology
View from Masada
Black August

Priesthood is the third studio album by Wu-Tang Clan affiliate and Sunz of Man rapper Killah Priest. He had previously cut ties with the Wu-Tang Clan after problems with its leader RZA, and this album receives no input from them. Priesthood is also Killah Priest's first independent release as his last album, View from Masada sold poorly and he was dropped from his label. As a result, the album received very limited distribution and low sales, though it was well received by critics.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Intro (Blackball Me)"
  2. "Madness" (featuring Ty-N)
  3. "My Hood"
  4. "Horsemen Talk" (featuring The HRSMN)
  5. "Come with Me" (featuring George Clinton)
  6. "Royal Priesthood"
  7. "Crime Storiest (Interlude)"
  8. "Witness the King"
  9. "Heat of the Moment"
  10. "C U When I Get There"
  11. "The One" (featuring George Clinton)
  12. "Thug Revelations" (featuring Maccabeez: Daddy Rose & Salla`udiin Rose)
  13. "My Life"
  14. "Places Where Pharaohs Go (Interlude)"
  15. "The Law" (featuring Luminati)
  16. "Theme Song"