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Origin Sydney, Australia
Genres Rock
Years active 1995–2002
Labels Warner Music
Members Jamie Fonti
Sean Fonti
Connie Mitchell

Primary is a rock band based in Sydney, Australia from 1995 until the early 2000s. The band's nucleus consisted of Jamie Fonti (keyboards), Sean Fonti (bass guitar) and Connie Mitchell (vocalist). Jamie and Sean were members of Caligula, and met Connie in a recording studio, while they were recording demo tracks.[1]


Their first recording, the EP Vicious Precious produced by Nick Launay in 1998, included drummer Paul Wheeler and guitarist John Bousfield. Bousfield left the band in 1999 to concentrate on an Indian Bon Jovi covers band Pun Jabi which failed miserably. John played the role of Richie Samosa with Jon PunJabi on lead vocals. On the tabla was Tikka Tikka Torres played by Justin Leef. Leef was heavily inspired by Torres' ride and cymbal work especially from the early days. Justin is still pursuing his role as Tikka Tikka Torres and is currently looking for new members of Pun Jabi. Sean and Jamie Fonti also played in My Heart Bleeds For You, a mid 80's Punk Hardcore band. Sean also played in legendary Sydney hardcore outfit Massappeal (1987-1990), Caligula from (1989-1994) and Def FX (1995-1997) and was a highly respected for his professional approach and showmanship. Nick Launay went on to produce more tracks that formed the basis of the band's first full-length album, This Is The Sound. Primary became known for their energetic live shows, with Connie's on-stage presence and costumes a talking point. Their second album, Watching The World was recorded in 2001. The band announced on their website on 24 April 2002 that they were recording demos for their third album, but no release has been forthcoming. Connie has since collaborated with fellow Sydneysiders Sneaky Sound System on several songs for their self-titled album.




  • "Vicious Precious" EP (1998)
  • "Vicious Precious/Brazilian" Single (1998)
  • "Young/This is the Sound" Single (1999)
  • "Supposed To Be Here" Single (1999)
  • "In Your Hands" Single (2000)
  • "Not for Me" Single (2001)
  • "Watching the World" Single (Cancelled)
  • "Get Amongst It" Single (unknown) - Used by Channel Ten in advertisements such as Sports Tonight, The Shield, Cops


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