Prime Ministerial Limousine (Australia)

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Prime Ministerial Limousine
Former Prime Ministerial Limousine - Holden Caprice
Manufacturer BMW
Also called


Commonwealth One

Ford Fairlane

Holden Caprice

The Prime Ministerial Limousine is the official vehicle used by the Prime Minister of Australia. The current vehicle fleet is a BMW 7 Series . The Prime Ministerial and other Ministerial limousines are maintained by COMCAR, a subdivision of the Department of Finance. The vehicles are often referred to in the media and the community as "C1", which is the numberplate that the limousines feature. The Australian flag is centrally mounted on the bonnet of the vehicle.

The past Prime Ministerial limousines the Holden Caprice was first used by John Howard. Prime Ministerial vehicles are transported and used wherever the Prime Minister or ministers travel. The vehicle is stored at Parliament House, the Lodge, Kirribilli House or an allocated COMCAR facility. While COMCAR administers the vehicles, they are driven by and under the use[clarification needed] of Australian Federal Police officers. Tony Abbott was the first Prime Minister to use the new BMW 7 Series

Current Vehicle[edit]

The Prime Ministerial fleet was updated in 2014, replacing the Holden Caprice fleet with a suite of armoured BMW 7 Series models. The $6.3 million (AUD) fleet of BMW 7 Series were purchased initially by the Australian Government to protect visiting dignitaries for the 2014 G20 summit in Brisbane, and were later commissioned as the official Prime Ministerial fleet.[1] The limousine, manufactured in Germany, has undergone extensive mechanical and protection-based modifications including armour and bulletproofing.[2] The Prime Ministerial state car and a supporting armoured BMW X5 is administered by COMCAR, a division of the Australian Government's Department of Finance, and driven by trained officers of the Australian Federal Police.[3]

Protection Specifications[edit]

The vehicle has the same visual appearance as a regular BMW 7 Series , however it has been subject to extensive modifications. The limousine has been fitted with bullet-proofed doors, windows as well as armour on the floor of the vehicle. On top of this, the vehicle has a protected fuel tank that does not explode when damaged and can withstand a roadside bomb.


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