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Process may refer to:


  • Business process, activities that produce a specific service or product for customers

Computing and information theory[edit]


  • Unit process, a step in manufacturing in which chemical reaction takes place




Statistics and mathematics[edit]

  • Diffusion process, in probability theory, a diffusion process is a solution to a stochastic differential equation
  • Empirical process, a stochastic process that describes the proportion of objects in a system in a given state
  • Lévy process, in probability theory, a stochastic process with independent, stationary increments
  • Poisson process, a certain kind of process in probability theory
  • Predictable process, in probability theory, a stochastic process whose value is knowable
  • Process calculus, a diverse family of related approaches for formally modeling concurrent systems
  • Process function, mathematical concept used in thermodynamics
  • Stochastic process, in probability theory, a random process, as contrasted to a deterministic process
  • Wiener process, in mathematics, a continuous-time stochastic process