Process of Decay

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Process Of Decay
Process Of Decay.jpg
Studio album by Desecration
Released 2005
Genre Death metal
Black metal
Label Copro Records
Producer Desecration
Desecration chronology
Raping the Corpse
(2005)Raping the Corpse2005
Process Of Decay

Process of Decay is a concept album by death metal band Desecration. The album portrays the complete decomposition of a corpse between death and burial.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "When The Heart Stops Beating..."
  2. "Initial Decay"
  3. "Bacterial Breakdown"
  4. "Black Putrefaction"
  5. "Butyric Fermentation"
  6. "Maggots In Evidence"
  7. "Corpse Fauna"
  8. "Dry Rot"
  9. "Grave Wax"