Procession of the Dead (novel)

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Procession of the Dead is a book written by Darren O'Shaughnessy (more commonly known by his pen-name Darren Shan) that was originally published in February 1999 in the UK under the name of Ayuamarca. It is the first book in The City Book Trilogy. It was re-released in March 2008 following Darren Shan's popularity under the new 'Procession' title.

The Name "Ayumarcan" means "Procession of the Dead" in Incan language.

Procession of the Dead
Author Darren Shan
Country Ireland
Language English
Series The City Book Trilogy
Genre Adult novel, Horror novel
Publisher Harper Collins
Publication date
March 2008
Media type Print (Paperback)
Pages 312
Followed by Hell's Horizon


The story begins with Capac Raimi getting off a train to begin his new life as a gangster in a city controlled by a man known simply as 'the Cardinal'. Leaving the train station, Capac hailed a taxi and headed to his uncle's home. His uncle Theo was a gangster who lost his wife during the birth of their child, who died shortly afterwards. Because of this Theo became severely depressed and his power in the city slipped. Capac joined him as his heir and learnt the tricks of the trade.

Soon they got a deal that would aid them massively in the gangster business. Capac, Theo and three guards went to meet the gangster. Before anything was arranged, Theo and the guards were shot dead by gangsters and Capac was taken to the 'Party Central' to face the Cardinal, head of all gangsters and the most powerful man in the city.

As Capac worked under the Cardinal, he eventually discovered his real identity, the secrets behind his past and a group of individuals known as 'the Ayuamarcans'.


Capac Raimi – A young and eager gangster, also the main protagonist. He had a talent for persuasion, and occasionally, manipulations. He was ambitious, dreaming of replacing the Cardinal, and viewed the world as it was - although he had a conscience, he didn't spend time sugar-coating the ugly truths in life. Capac's humanity was tested from time to time as he had to face difficult decisions in his career. He was an Ayuamarcan. Capac made a minor appearance in 'Hell's Horizon' and was one of the two main protagonists in 'City of the Snakes'.

The Cardinal – The most powerful and influential man in the city. His real name was 'Ferdinand Dorak'. Despite the others' view of him, he had a strange fascination with puppets and divinations, along with an explosive temper. Being the most powerful person in the city, most of the other characters silently tolerated his anger outbursts, which sometimes could turn violent. He played a major role in 'Hell's Horizon' and was referenced in 'City of the Snakes'.

Ama Situwa – A witty and cunning young woman who worked in her father's restaurant. Ama became Capac's love interest shortly after the two met. By repeatedly breaking into the heavily guarded Party Central, she learnt a lot of secrets behind the Cardinal and became doubtful of her own past. She later even showed a vulnerable side of her. She was an Ayuamarcan. Ama made a minor appearance in 'Hell's Horizon' and a major one in 'City of the Snakes'.

Paucar Wami – An elite assassin working for the Cardinal. He had just returned to the City when he encountered Capac Raimi and identified him as an Ayuamarcan, causing Raimi to become confused. He was very sadistic, even kept a journal to keep track of his killing. Wami played a major role in all three books and was the only character in the series to do so. He was the only Ayuamarcan who was fertile and freed to leave the city.

Conchita Kubekik – A strange woman with a disease that caused her face to look like she was just a teenager, when the rest of her body was old and fragile. Unable to accept her appearance, she became severely depressed and attempted suicide several times. In the Skylight hotel, she met Raimi and befriended him. She was an Ayuamarcan. Conchita was referenced in 'Hell's Horizon' and made a minor appearance in 'City of the Snakes'.

Leonora Shankar – The owner of a fancy restaurant exclusive to gangsters working for the Cardinal. In the past, she tutored the Cardinal in ruling the city and helped him to become the ruler of the city. She also acted somewhat like a mother figure to Capac, often tutoring him about business and life as a gangster. She was also an Ayuamarcan. Leonora made minor appearance in both sequels.

Ford Tasso – The right-hand man of the Cardinal. He was loyal to the Cardinal, but was contended in being the second-in-command. He was serious when it came to business. While he sometimes questioned the Cardinal's weird decisions, he obeyed the latter without doubt. Tasso made a minor appearance in 'Hell's Horizon' and a major one in 'City of the Snakes'.

Y Tse Lapotaire – The former heir of the Cardinal. He abandoned his opportunity in the past. He provided Raimi with information on how to do his job in a way to please the Cardinal. He was an Ayuamarcan, and his real name was 'Inti Maimi'. Y Tse was referenced in 'Hell's Horizon' and made a minor appearance in 'City of the Snakes'.

Sonja Arne – The head of the Cardinal's insurance agents. Being assigned as Capac's tutuor, she was shown to be capable and sophisticated, but could get quite emotional when it came to her parents and siblings. She only appeared in 'Procession of the dead'. Adrian was her younger brother.

Adrian Arne – The Designated driver for Capac Raimi. Talkative and humorous, he befriended Capac soon after they met. He was later 'obliterated', causing Capac to investigate the secrets behind the Ayuamarcans. Adrian made a minor appearance in 'City of the Snakes'.

Vincient Carell – One of the subordinates of Ford Tasso. He was immature and had a crude sense of humor. Sometimes his actions could even cause trouble for his allies. Vincient made a minor appearance in 'Hell's Horizon'.