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This page lists the results of leadership elections held by the Progressive Conservative Party of New Brunswick or as it was known before March 3, 1943, the Conservative Party. Before 1925 leaders were chosen by the caucus.

1925 leadership convention[edit]

(Held June 29, 1925)

Developments 1925-1937[edit]

Baxter resigned as premier on appointment to the bench in 1931 and was succeeded as premier by Charles Richards on May 18 of that year. Richards was in turn appointed to the bench in 1933 and was succeeded as premier by Leonard Tilley on June 2 of that year. Following Tilley's personal defeat in the 1935 general election which also saw the Conservatives swept from power he resigned and Frederick C. Squires was chosen House leader on September 10.

1937 leadership convention[edit]

(Held on October 27, 1937)

Squires resigned after the 1939 general election and Hugh H. Mackay was chosen House leader on January 20, 1940.

1942 leadership convention[edit]

(Held on September 23, 1942)

1951 leadership convention[edit]

(Held on July 11, 1951)

Following his government's defeat in the 1960 general election Flemming was appointed to the federal cabinet and resigned as party leader. Cyril Sherwood was chosen House leader on November 5, 1960.

1962 leadership convention[edit]

(Held on October 27, 1962)

1966 leadership convention[edit]

(Held on November 26, 1966)[1]

Van Horne was defeated in the 1967 election and resigned on February 8, 1968. Richard Hatfield was chosen House leader.

1969 leadership convention[edit]

(Held on June 14, 1969)[2]

Joe McDougall and William T. Walker withdrew before balloting.

1989 leadership convention[edit]

(Held November 4, 1989)

1991 leadership convention[edit]

(Held June 15, 1991)

1995 leadership convention[edit]

(Held May 13, 1995)

1997 leadership convention[edit]

(Held October 18, 1997)

First Ballot:

Second Ballot (Blaney eliminated, Allaby withdrew):

2008 leadership convention[edit]

(Held on October 18, 2008)

2016 leadership convention[edit]

(Held on October 22, 2016)

First Ballot:

(Stewart, McDonald and Dubé eliminated)

Second Ballot:

(Barley and Allen eliminated)

Third Ballot:

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