Project SuperStar (season 2)

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Project SuperStar
Season 2
Broadcast from 8 November 2006 (2006-11-08) – 4 February 2007 (2007-02-04)
Judges Billy Koh
Lee Wei Song
Roy Loi
Anthony Png
Dawn Yip
Host(s) Quan Yi Fong
Jeff Wang
Broadcaster MediaCorp Channel U
Finals venue Singapore Indoor Stadium
Daren Tan
Origin Singapore
Song "靠近"
Genre(s) Pop
Lydia Tan

The second season of the Singaporean reality talent show Project SuperStar began on 8 November 2006 on MediaCorp Channel U. The show is hosted by Quan Yi Fong and Jeff Wang. The overall winner received talent management contracts with Warner Music Singapore and MediaCorp. Billy Koh, Lee Wei Song, Roy Loi, Anthony Png and Dawn Yip returned as judges for their second season.

On 4 February 2007, winner of the male category Daren Tan was announced as the overall winner of the season, with female category winner Lydia Tan as the overall runner-up.

Judges and hosts[edit]


Season 2 was broadcast from 8 November 2006 to 4 February 2007. When the auditions are launched in early September, over 6000 aspirants came to audition, breaking the record of all star-searching contests in Singapore.


The final 24 finalists were confirmed as follows;


Category Contestants
Jeremy Chan 田铭耀
25, Bartender
Chua Wee Jian 蔡伟健
19, Student
Anson Goh 吴幸荣
27, Sales associate
Huang Shi Yu 黄仕昱
24, Undergraduate
Jeremy Kwan 官镜瀚
23, Undergraduate
Kenny Lim 林道文
22, Customer relations management executive
Kelvin Soon 孙文海
25, Pub live band lead singer
Daren Tan 陈世维
23, National serviceman
Nat Tan 陈铿百
20, National serviceman
Jeff Teay 谢子伟
26, Civil servant
Jon Toh 卓坊林
27, Sales executive
Zhang Le Sheng 张乐声
25, Unemployed
Averil Chan 陈诗韵
22, Undergraduate
Maxilian Chan 曾裕淑
19, Student
Lee Her Ching 李何菁
23, Medical product specialist
Michelle Lew 刘若雯
24, Personal financial consultant
Charlotte Loh 罗凤仪
25, Banking product controller
Sheila Ou 欧千瑜
21, Customer service officer
Lydia Tan 陈迪雅
21, Undergraduate
Tang Ling Yi 汤灵伊
19, Student
Dawn Wong 黄川美
22, Bank executive
Veron Yang 杨雪妮
24, Human resource executive
Carrie Yeo 杨佳盈
25, Account executive
Mag Yeong 杨艳宜
22, Unemployed
  • Note: Singer-songwriter Tay Kewei was originally selected as one of the final 24 finalists, but was later disqualified due to contractual violation. She was replaced by Sheila Ou, a contestant who was originally eliminated in the round three auditions.

Live shows[edit]

  • Top 16 : Retro Night: The 1980s to 1990s
  • Top 10 : A slow song and a dance item
  • Top 8 : Oldies Night: The 1940s to 1970s
  • Top 6 : Theme song of a local drama
  • Top 6 : Theme song of a movie
  • Top 4 : One English song of their choice
  • Top 4 : One Chinese song of their choice
  • Top 4 : Productions choice, same song, different rendition
  • Top 2 : One rock song (will require the finalist to dance, live band will be accompanied)
  • Top 2 : One unplugged song (live band will be accompanied)
  • Top 2 : One hip-hop song (will require the finalist to dance)
  • Top 2 : One jazz/bossa nova song (live band will be accompanied)
  • Top 2 : One personally selected pop song (live band will be accompanied)

On 18 January 2007, the 4 finalists competed. Lydia Tan Di Ya emerged as the female champion, with a higher overall score of public votes and judges score, accounting 62.1% as compared to Carrie Yeo's 37.9%. It was a tougher fight for the males, with Daren Tan Sze Wei, the male champion, accounting for 52.72% as compared to Nathaniel Tan's 47.28%. Unlike the 1st season, a contract is only limited to the overall champion, while the rest of the contestants have to wait for recording companies to sign them up.

Daren started off the night with a 60-40 lead in CD single sales. Out of the 5 round of singing, Diya won 3 rounds while Daren won 2 rounds in the hearts of the judges.

Daren won the title of the 2nd season's Singapore Project Superstar with the margin of 59% to Diya's 41%, the closest margin in any star searching competitions held in Singapore at this moment. Previous competition had margins of 61 to 39, 62 to 38, 65 to 35, 64 to 36 and 70 to 30.

Musical guests[edit]

Results summary[edit]

Live show details[edit]

Quarter-finals 1A

Index Name Song Score Status
M1 Kenny Lim 你记得吗 28.5 OUT
M2 Jeremy Chan 无能为力 27.5
M3 Kelvin Soon Love Story 35.5
M4 Jon Toh 你不在 29.0
M5 Huang Shiyu 爱情树 33.0 OUT
M6 Jeremy Kwan 翅膀 27.0
F1 Averil Chan Fly Away 30.5
F2 Dawn Wong 祝我生日快乐 31.5
F3 Maxilian Chan 隐形的翅膀 28.0
F4 Carrie Yeo 平常心 32.0
F5 Magdalene Yeo 阴天 28.5 OUT
F6 Veron Yang 了不起 37.5 OUT

Quarter-finals 1B

Index Name Song Score Status
M1 Chua Weijian 我还能爱谁 32.0
M2 Nathaniel Tan 流沙 28.5
M3 Zhang Le Sheng 痊愈 36.0
M4 Anson Goh 爱情不能作比较 31.5 OUT
M5 Jeff Teay Kiss Goodbye 31.0 OUT
M6 Daren Tan 断点 28.5
F1 Charlotte Loh 爱情旅程 27.5
F2 Michelle Lew 不要骗我 34.5
F3 Lee Her Ching 开始懂了 27.0 OUT
F4 Tang Ling Yi 天边 37.0 OUT
F5 Sheila Ou 你是我心中一句惊叹 27.0
F6 Lydia Tan 讨厌 37.5

Quarter-finals 2A

Index Name Song Score Status
M1 Zhang Le Sheng 心碎了无痕 41
M2 Jeremy Kwan 伤心的人更伤心 30 OUT
M3 Jon Toh 用尽一生的爱 33.5
M4 Daren Tan 你知不知道 36.5 OUT
F1 Dawn Wong 听说爱情回来过 30 OUT
F2 Michelle Lew 我是不是你最疼爱的人 35.5
F3 Averil Chan 我一个人住 27.5
F4 Sheila Ou 我依然是你的情人 27 OUT

Quarter Finals 2B

Index Name Song Score Status
M1 Jeremy Chan 暗恋的代价 36 OUT
M2 Nathaniel Tan 寂寞公路 36
M3 Chua Wee Jian 祝福 30 OUT
M4 Kelvin Soon 爱情傀儡 41
F1 Maxilian Chan 走在阳光里 26.5
F2 Charlotte Loh 一个人的我依然会微笑 30 OUT
F3 Lydia Tan 难以抗拒你容颜 31.5
F4 Carrie Yeo 心情 29.5 OUT

Revival Round

Index Name Song Score Status
M1 Jeremy Kwan 黑色幽默 26
M2 Chua Wee Jian 曾经爱你永远爱你 30
M3 Daren Tan 把你宠坏 41.5 REVIVED
M4 Jeremy Chan 精舞门 33
F1 Sheila Ou High High High 28.5
F2 Charlotte Loh 我不难过 23
F3 Carrie Yeo 我要快乐 34.5 REVIVED
F4 Dawn Wong Beautiful Love 40.5

Semi-Final 1

Index Name Song 1 Song 2 Score Status
M1 Jon Toh Piano 编号 89757 29.5 OUT
M2 Kelvin Soon 最近 天亮以后说分手 38
M3 Zhang Le Sheng 中箭 龙的传人 34.5
M4 Nathaniel Tan 世界唯一的你 波间带 42
M5 Daren Tan 白色风车 呛司呛司 43
F1 Averil Chan 不想让你知道 So Crazy 28
F2 Michelle Lew 等爱降落 情人的关怀 29
F3 Maxilian Chan 月光 爱是你眼里的一首情歌 26 OUT
F4 Lydia Tan 了解 你的微笑 39
F5 Carrie Yeo 接受 神奇 31

Semi-Final 2

Index Name Song Score Status
M1 Zhang Le Sheng 我只在乎你 32.5 OUT
M2 Daren Tan 若是你在我身边 44
M3 Kelvin Soon 爱你一万年 38.5
M4 Nathaniel Tan 大眼睛 37
F1 Michelle Lew 情人的关怀 27.5 OUT
F2 Lydia Tan 巧合 36.5
F3 Carrie Yeo 我要你的爱 29
F4 Averil Chan 橄榄树 28

Semi-Final 3

Index Name Song 1 Song 2 Score Status
M1 Kelvin Soon 如果.爱 微尘 40 OUT
M2 Nathaniel Tan 生命过客 都是你 38.5
M3 Daren Tan 菊花台 天天好心情 40.5
F1 Averil Chan 如何对你说 月光爱人 26 OUT
F2 Lydia Tan 新不了情 福满人间 35.5
F3 Carrie Yeo 心动 我无所谓 38.5

Semi-Final 4

Index Name Song 1 Song 2 Song 3 Score Percentage Status
M1 Daren Tan 只因为你 This Love I Believe 39 52.72% Male Winner
M2 Nathaniel Tan 嫁给我 Uptown Girl I Believe 37 47.28% OUT
F1 Lydia Tan Angles Brought Me Here 触摸 37.5 62.1% Female Winner
F2 Carrie Yeo 写一首歌 Can't Take My Eyes Off You 触摸 39.7 37.9% OUT


Index Name Song 1 Song 2 Song 3 Song 4 Song 5 Judges' Vote (Unaffected) Percentage Status
S1 Daren Tan Sze Wei 寂寞的季节 我的麦克风 Sway 你快乐所以我快乐 靠近 2 59% Champion
S2 Lydia Tan Diya 纸飞机 Dream A Little Dream Of Me You Make Me Wanna Get High 征服 3 41% Runner-up


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