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HagenTroy 陳俊達
Birth name HagenTroy
Born 30 August
Genres Mandarin pop
Occupation(s) Singer-Songwriter, producer, Creative Director
Years active 2005–present
Labels FDP Music
Website www.hagentroy.com, www.facebook.com/hagentroy.JD www.twitter.com/hagentroy_JD

Hagen Troy 陳俊達, also called HagenTroy, is a Singaporean musician and an international composer.[1] He has written songs for renowned names in the Asia music industry such as Ocean Ou (欧得洋), Harlem Yu (庾澄慶), Wilbur Pan (潘玮柏), Jocie Guo (郭美美), Rachael Liang (梁文音), and Taiwan's pop queen Jolin Tsai (蔡依林).

His album Answer (标准答案) was recommended by Straits Time's Life.[2] It was also the soundtrack of drama "Bountiful Blessings" (萬福樓),[3] starring popular Hong Kong actress, Jessica Hsuan during the year.

HagenTroy was mentioned by MyPaper[4] as an "artist to note" in May 2013.

Childhood and family life[edit]

Troy grew up in an environment where creativity was not only encouraged, but also respected. [5]


In 2011, Troy made a [6] crossover into the mainstream Chinese Pop market, a releasing his debut Album “Answer”.

He was made the first HPB Breathe Ambassador[7] in April 2011. He also composed and sang their theme song, "The Choice is mine".

His video "Out of my League" 沒品(可以不可以)[8] Music Video is supported by HPB, Breathe.[clarification needed]


HagenTroy composed the following:


  • "Baby Bye"[9] by Wilbur Pan (潘瑋柏)


  • "A Wonder in Madrid" (馬德里不思議)[10] by Jolin Tsai (蔡依林)
  • Xian Ren Zhang Yu Xi Yi” (仙人掌与蜥蜴)[11] by Harlem Yu (庾澄慶)


  • “Wo Shi Ni De Tian Kong” (我是你的天空)[12] by Ocean Ou(欧得洋)
  • “Don't be Afraid” (不要怕), “ Kiwi Kiwi”(奇異果)” , “Happy New Year, My Love” (新年快樂,我的愛[13])by Singaporean Singer Jacie Kwok (郭美美)
  • "Yong Yuan Bao Hu Ni"(永遠保護你)[14] by Taiwanese Singer Eric Suen(孫耀威)
  • “Wo Wei Shen Mo Hai Ai Ni” (我为什么还爱你) by ”Mi Lu Bing” (迷路兵)
  • "Lu Bian Yi Rong Shu Xia” (路边一棵榕树下)[15] by Kelvin Tan(陳偉聯)
  • "Bai Yi Ban Tuo"(拍一半拖)[16]"sang by Hong Kong Singer Jason Chan (陳柏宇)


  • "Nu Ren Meng De Ka Fei" (女人們的咖啡)[17] and "Yin Bai Se Yue Guang" (銀白色月光) by Joi Chua (蔡淳佳).
  • Composer and singer of AFA (Action For Aids) 20th anniversary theme song, fighting for Equal Rights, Singapore[18]
  • “Loves always existed”(愛一直存在) and Yao Ren Mao (咬人貓) [19] by Taiwanese Singer Rachael Liang (梁文音)
  • “Mr. Adult and “Ni Lai Zhi Na Ke Xing” (你來自哪顆星)[20] by Jason Chan (陳柏宇)
  • “Da Ming Xing” (大明星) [21] by BOBO
  • “Forget it” (忘得掉) [22] by Derrick Hoh (何维健)


  • "Lai Bu Ji Shou Zai Jian” (來不及說再見)[23] by YaoYao (郭书瑶)
  • Soundtracks “Wo Meng De Ai” (我們的愛) “Shuang Xi” (双喜), “Xi Guan” (习惯), “Ai Fan Fu” ( 爱反复) and “ Wo She Bu De” (我舍不得) of Singapore/Malaysia romantic comedy film, Wedding Game (大囍事)
  • “Chang Yi Shou Ge” (暢一首歌)[24] by Joe Cheng (鄭元暢)
  • “Cao Chan A” (早餐A) [25] by Hacken Lee(李克勤)
  • “Ai Qin Nian Hua”(愛情年華) [26] by Alex Fong (方力申)
  • "Kao Jing Ni” (靠近你)[27] by Mainland Chinese Singer Jane Zhang (張靚穎)
  • “You Zheng Yang” (又怎樣) [28] by Go Go Club (兄弟聯)


  • “You are the One”[29] by Danson Tang (唐禹哲)
  • “Duo Yu” (躲雨) [30] by Taiwanese Singer Tata Shang (商东茜)
  • “Zheng Mo Ni De Shou Ji Yao Xiang” (怎麼你的手機要響) [31] by William Chan (陳偉霆)
  • “Close to my Heart” [32] sang by Vincy Chan (泳兒)
  • "Guan Zu Wo" (關注我) [33] by (陳柏宇)


  • “I believe in you”Wo” (第一次我), “Be Happy” (快樂就好), “Answer” (标准答案),“Wo Shi Ni De Tian Kong” (我是你的天空)soundtracks Drama “Bountiful Blessings” (萬福樓)[34] by Hagentroy
  • Health Promotion Board (HPB) Breathe Song“The Choice is Mine” (我的 抉擇) [35]
  • “Shining Diamond”, "Out of my League"(沒品),"Shui"(誰) and "Jump up"[36] by "SD5" (Shining Diamond)
  • "Out of my league"沒品(可以不可以) also supported by Health Promotion Board (HPB), Breathe initiative[37] by Hagentroy


  • "Qi Shou Wu Hui" (起手無回) for Album, Happiness Together (一起去幸福) by Taiwanese Singer-Actor Jason Wang (王識賢)
  • "OUT OF ORDER" (壞了)[38] by Hagentroy


Da Ben Zhong (大笨鐘)[39] by BOX (王子杰/王子豪)


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