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For the Marvel Comics character, see Protector (Marvel Comics).

The Protector (Jason Hart) is a superhero that occasionally teams up with the Teen Titans. He somewhat replaces Robin temporarily in the 1983 The New Teen Titans drug issues written by Marv Wolfman and penciled by George Pérez.

Publication history[edit]

The book was sponsored by Keebler, and Robin was at the time licensed by Nabisco so the Protector was used as a substitute. Coinciding with the issue was an anti-drug cartoon television advertisement that may have been a test for a Titans television show. As Robin was already a member of the popular Super Friends he would not have been available.[1] Despite the fact that he hardly appeared outside of the Drug Issue comics he is regarded as a member of the team as confirmed in the DC Who's Who Update '87 comic.

Jason finally made another appearance in Titans Secret Files #2 (October 2000), attending on a superhero party held by Beast Boy. Later, he also appeared in the Infinite Crisis hardcover collected edition in an added two-page spread.

Other versions[edit]

The Protector appears in Teen Titans Go #52 as an alternate alias of Robby Reed. Unknown to both Robby and the Titans, his Hero Dial borrows power from any hero who's in close proximity to him, and thus becomes The Protector when Robin is close by. [2]

The Protector appears again in Teen Titans Go #55, though if it's still Robby Reed is doubtful. [3]

A version of the Protector shows up in Tiny Titans issues #16 and 46. [4] [5]


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