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Mock bishopweed
Ptilimnium nuttallii.jpg
Ptilimnium nuttallii
Scientific classification

Type species
Ptilimnium capillaceum
  • Discopleura DC.
  • Harperella Rose
  • Harperia Rose 1905, illegitimate homonym, not W.Fitzg. 1904 (Restionaceae)

Ptilimnium is a group of plants of the family Apiaceae described as a genus in 1819.[3][2] The common name is mock bishopweed[4] or mock bishop's weed. It is endemic to the United States, primarily in the Southeast, the Lower Mississippi Valley, and the Lower Great Plains.[2][5]

accepted species[6]
  1. Ptilimnium capillaceum (Michx.) Raf. - SE + SC + NE USA
  2. Ptilimnium costatum (Elliott) Raf. - SC USA
  3. Ptilimnium fluviatile (Rose) Mathias - SE USA
  4. Ptilimnium nodosum (Rose) Mathias - Georgia, South Carolina
  5. Ptilimnium nuttallii (DC.) Britton - SC USA
  6. Ptilimnium texense J.M. Coult. & Rose - Texas, Louisiana, Florida
  7. Ptilimnium viviparum (Rose) Mathias - Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland


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