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Through station
Pullach Bahnhof.jpg
LocationPullach im Isartal, Bavaria
Coordinates48°03′31″N 11°31′19″E / 48.058678°N 11.521933°E / 48.058678; 11.521933Coordinates: 48°03′31″N 11°31′19″E / 48.058678°N 11.521933°E / 48.058678; 11.521933
Other information
Station code5057[2]
DS100 codeMPUL[1]
Preceding station   Munich S-Bahn   Following station
S 7
toward Kreuzstraße
S 20
Pullach is located in Bavaria
Location within Bavaria
Pullach is located in Germany
Location within Germany
Pullach is located in Europe
Location within Europe

Pullach station is a station on the Isar Valley Railway from Munich to Bichl in the German state of Bavaria. Since 1981, it has been a station of the Munich S-Bahn. The station is located in the municipality of Pullach, which also contains the stations of Großhesselohe Isartal and Höllriegelskreuth. It is classified by Deutsche Bahn as a category 6 station[2] and has two platform tracks. The station building is registered as a historic building on the List of Bavarian Monuments and has been acquired by the municipality of Pullach. It is currently operating it and considering how the station building and the surrounding areas can be used in future and be made more attractive.


Pullach station is located at Bahnhofstrasse 10 in the municipality of Pullach between federal highway 11 and the high banks of the Isar River. At both ends of the station there are level crossings; the level crossing barriers are to be renewed and fully automated in April 2013. Two underpasses were planned years ago, but these have been abandoned as creating too large an impact on the local landscape.[3]


The Isar Valley Railway opened from Thalkirchen to Ebenhausen on 10 June 1891 and it was extended to Wolfratshausen on 27 July. From the beginning there was a railway station in Pullach, which was known as the Isartalbahnhof (station of the Isar Valley Railway) because it was served by trains running on the Isar Valley Railway. Duplication of the track from the station of the Isar Valley Railway (Isartalbahnhof) in Munich to Höllriegelskreuth was completed on 23 December 1897. Pullach station now had three tracks, with tracks 2 and 3 being used by passenger trains. The track 1, next to the station building, was used mainly for freight. This was also equipped with a loading siding and a small freight shed. On 15 January 1900, the station was electrified with the Munich-Isartalbahnhof–Höllriegelskreuth section of the Isar Valley Railway. In 1944, Pullach station was served by 44 commuter trains; most were suburban services between Munich Isartalbahnhof and Höllriegelskreuth.[4] In 1973, the station facilities were rebuilt for its integration into the Munich S-Bahn network and one track was demolished. The remaining two side platforms were raised to a height of 76 centimetres.[3] After the renovation, the station was served every 30 minutes by locomotive-hauled suburban trains, S-Bahn line 10, running between Munich Central Station (Hauptbahnhof) and Wolfratshausen. Since 31 May 1981 the station has been served every 20 minutes by electric multiple units on line S 7; this was made possible by the construction of the southern lines tunnel (Südstreckentunnel).[5]


The station has two side platforms that are 140 metres long and 96 cm high.[6] At both ends of the platforms there are level crossings.[7] The S-Bahn station is served by S-Bahn lines S 7 from Wolfratshausen to Kreuzstraße every 20 minutes and S 20 from Höllriegelskreuth to Pasing hourly from Monday and Friday.

Station building[edit]

The single-storey station building is located between two two-storey pavilions. The station building's pavilions are plastered buildings with exposed brick decor and have hip roofs; the middle part has a flat roof. Between the pavilions is the platform hall, which is aligned next to the platform. It is supported by three cast iron pillars. The station building is now registered as a historic building on the List of Bavarian Monuments.[8]


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